Empath School Podcast with Tiff & Jack

Empath School Podcast with Tiff & Jack

Hosted by: Tiff and Jack

The Tiff and Jack Show is a podcast devoted to helping Empaths dump the overwhelm and STOP being drained and controlled by others (including narcissists)!

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169 - #1 Killer to Your Success

Episode #169

This episode is a must listen (especially if you want to know what the heck the #1 killer is). Your success is important to you. And your success is important to us. Today’s episode will help you quickly know the...
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168 - A's to your Q's (Part 2)

Episode #168

We had so much fun doing “A’s to your Q’s” that we decided to do a part 2! Enjoy!! Get the full show notes and more information here: https://tiffandjack.com   ⬇️ EMPATH SCHOOL >>> click here TIFF & JACK...
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Living the Dream Life AND an Empath with Debora Gattola

Being an Empath means you often hear the words, “stop crying!” And Debora Gattola is no stranger to that. Growing up in the Italian family culture there was no place for her to process and feel all of her feelings and...
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167 - A’s to your Q’s

Episode #167

We have hundreds-upon-hundreds of questions that empaths have asked us over the years and we’ve kept them all for a time like this. Join us as we answer some of the TOP questions. Jump in for the fun. Oh and please...
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Business Intuitive Coach AND an Empath with Therese Skelly

Therese has lived a lot of life in her years. Being raised in a family with alcoholic parents and not realizing until she was older how  that affected her self-belief and choices she would make. Reading Elaine Aron’s...
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166 - Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Episode #166

Most problems stem from a lack of emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent people become better partners, lovers, workers, friends, and citizens. We aren’t taught this important stuff in school. We’re dedicated...
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165 - Hygge with a TWIST

Episode #165

Have you heard the word "hygge" before? If you google it you'll see warm woolen sweaters, comfy cozy rooms, and probably a cup of tea or two. Yep Hygge is about comfort, connection and coziness, but there's something...
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164 - What’s Possible??

Episode #164

What's possible? What's possible for YOU?? Join Tiff & Jack for a candid conversation about possibility. Do you know where it comes from? Let's talk! Once you understand this concept, you'll be unstoppable and be...
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“Parent Whisperer” AND an Empath: Samantha St-Louis

Samantha is the first guest of our brand new “Unstoppable Empath Series.” We got a strong nudge to bring Unstoppable Empaths right to your door, and so that’s exactly what we’re doing. Samantha is the mother of 4 kids...
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163 - Disarming a Narcissist

Episode #163

If you think for two seconds that a narcissist will one day understand why you feel the way you do, you will be waiting a very very long time (like maybe forever). This can feel like a “death sentence.”  You...
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162 - Identity: Who are you?

Episode #162

Today is a candid conversation with Tiff & Jack about “identity.” Webster’s dictionary says identity is “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is.” Well we each have something a bit different to say...
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161 - Intuition, Explored!

Episode #161

You are extra intuitive because you’re an Empath. Today's discussion explores that gorgeous intuitiveness of yours and 9 different ways your intuition works. Join Tiff & Jack for a deep dive into you! Get the full...
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